About Us

At AGMA, we are committed to solving one of the biggest challenges in construction: Finding quality products from a reliable and ethical company at competitive prices — without getting bogged down by the many hassles of dealing with an international manufacturer.

Too often, purchasing managers today are put in the position of making tough compromises: quality or quantity, ethical business practices or speedy delivery, dependable service or competitive prices. With AGMA, you don’t have to choose. A U.S.-based company with a family-owned manufacturing facility in India, AGMA gives you the best of both worlds.

We manufacture and import chain link fence, scaffolding, and other construction related parts and fittings, including a variety of bolts, hooks, hinges, handles, and door rollers. Need customized products? We’ll make it for you — at our ethically-run facility with fastidious quality-control standards. On a tight budget? On top of our competitive manufacturing prices in India, AGMA cuts out all middlemen, delivering the goods and the additional savings directly to you. Want personalized service? Each customer inquiry gets prompt, individual attention from our offices in Great Falls, Va., eliminating the need to worry about time zone differences, international trade laws, or other common business challenges.

Our mission is to meet all your purchasing needs in one simple, smooth transaction. Whether you’re looking for standard chain link fencing or highly-customized cantilever gate latches, we are ready to partner with you to make your construction project a success.